Saturday, July 7, 2012

Personalized Funeral Candles Honor the Life of a Loved One

Candles lend a soft glow to occasions of all kinds. When displayed at a funeral service during viewing hours, they add a comforting light and warmth.

Funeral candles are often an important element of a service. As they are lit, they seem to come to life, flickering gently with every whisper of air, seeming to respond to the movement of people nearby.

The flame of a candle has long been viewed symbolically as the light of life, the light of a divine spirit, and the promise of eternal life. It's small wonder, then, that candles play such a central role at a funeral service. As a candle flame moves gently, it seems to affirm that life continues, even after the death of the physical body.

Apart from their role in the solemn proceedings of a funeral service, candles also make lovely displays at a funeral home, welcoming visitors to viewing hours, warming the space and casting a soft, flickering glow.

Since candles are often displayed in a decorative way in homes, it seems natural that they might be used as beautiful reminders of a loved on in that setting, as well. The light and warmth they shed during the funeral proceedings are just as comforting in the privacy of a home.

Funeral candles can become a beautiful memorial item, a keepsake to be used and appreciated, honoring the memory of a life and helping to warm the space in which they're displayed.

With personalization, a funeral candle becomes much more than a simple light. It transforms into a beautiful memento, a gift of remembrance, to everyone who receives it.

Holders for memorial candles are sometimes made of glass panels that will accept paper inserts. The inserts can be printed with photos, text, favorite poems, or scripture passages to truly reflect the life they are representing. Such candles are beautiful to display and, because the personalization is preserved between layers of glass, the wax candles themselves can be burned and replaced.

The Life Journey Celebration Candle is hand-made of beveled glass and has a beautiful wood base with a cherry finish. Each funeral candle is filled with 100% all-natural wax that is friendly to our environment and will burn for over one hundred hours. The Life Journey Celebration Candle is extremely flexible. With over 500 themes to choose from and the ability to use one or multiple photos, makes the Life Journey Celebration Candle the most personalized candle on the market today.

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