Monday, July 23, 2012

Ideal Locations for Smoothie Shops

As with most businesses, whether or not your smoothie shop succeeds is highly dependent on the location of your shop. With today’s health conscious consumer eager for a healthy alternative to traditional fast food, your smoothie shop stands a great chance of becoming profitable and successful – if you have the ideal location.

How a Business Plan Can Help
A smoothie shop business plan will provide you with the data and market research you need to make an informed decision as to ideal locations for smoothie shops. Before you invest a single penny into your new frozen dessert business, be sure to create, or purchase, a detailed industry specific business plan. This will act as your road map to finding the best spot for your smoothie business as well as provide you with other tools to ensure the success of your new company.

Smoothie Shop Location Options
Wherever you decide to open your smoothie shop, it should be a place with a lot of foot traffic that is convenient for the type of clientele you hope to attract.

·    Shopping Centers
One of the best places to open a smoothie franchise is in a shopping center. Most businesses of this type are set up in shopping centers for a reason; people like to be able to grab a quick lunch or healthy snack while they are running their errands.
    Shopping Malls
Indoor shopping malls can be ideal locations for smoothie shops. The get a lot of foot traffic and you can set up a small kiosk where people are most likely to pass by.
     Fitness Centers
Fitness centers are filled with the type of people that will be attracted to your product! People love to be able to grab a healthy frozen treat after their workout and how convenient it is to be able to do so without having to make an extra stop on the way home.
     Near Schools
High school and college students love smoothies. If you have a high school or university in the area you want to open a smoothie shop, near the campus would be a great spot to set up. Try to find a storefront that is within walking distance, as most young people this age may not have a car.
     Near Recreational Areas
Places like parks, sports centers, and other outdoor recreational areas are great spots for setting up smoothie shops. People involved with outdoor activities tend to be the same type of people who enjoy healthy foods.

Do the research ahead of time, create a smoothie shop business plan that details all aspects of your new venture, and use your good business sense and you will find the ideal location for your smoothie business. 

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