Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Best Parking Lot Sweeping Service in Florida

The key to any successfully parking lot sweeping division is the ability to effectively pay attention to the details. The details are what separate sweeping companies apart from one another.

As Florida's leading commercial sweeping service, American Facility Services (AFS) employees are proud to set themselves apart from the crowd. In fact, we'd like to detail what makes our company so special. Here are the top five reasons AFS is the best parking lot sweeping contractor in Florida.

First, AFS spends close to 60% of the time out of the sweeping unit. Our philosophy is simple, the more time out of the vehicle the better parking areas look.

Second, organized sweeping patterns are established to ensure cleanliness and consistency. Establishing a plan on each property reduces buildup in corners, sand build up or accumulated trash along landscaped islands and the outer lying areas.

Third, most areas are detailed with a high-velocity leaf blower moving debris away from the following areas so the parking lot sweeping equipment can collect the debris into its hopper. These areas consist of but not limited to corners, cart corrals, parking areas, curbs and wheel blocks, building edges, under canopy sidewalks, egress drives, rear service areas and dumpster areas.

Fourth, trash receptacle liners are typically replaced when 50% of the bag is full of debris.

Fifth, our staff is trained to report any issues that may be observed during the service visit such as lighting issues, pot holes, tenant abuse, overflowing dumpsters, oversized debris and even windy conditions. Crews are equipped with digital cameras so that pictures can be taken of issues observed. These pictures are sent to your assigned AFS Property Advisor who will then address the issues with you via e-mail.

Additionally, AFS routinely inspects and maintains its sweeping equipment daily, minimizing equipment failures. AFS has a stellar reputation, full insurance coverage and enough back up equipment to keep the operations going even in the event of equipment breakdown.

The company utilizes two types of sweeping applications:

Mechanical Sweeping
The mechanical sweeper works by picking up the debris from the roadway and moving it into the sweeping path, where the rear broom sweeps the debris onto a conveyor system, which in turn carries the debris to a hopper.

Regenerative Air
The system is split into two major components. One of these is the forced air or pressure side. The other is called the vacuum or suction side. Although exact inner workings vary from unit to unit, the following is a general description of how the sweepers operate.

For a quick quote or to learn more about our Florida sweeping services, call 866-793-3735.

About American Facility Services

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