Friday, April 13, 2012

Cleaning Carpet Stains

Today’s stain resistant carpets help keep most carpets looking good by preventing most stains from setting in, assuming clean-up is quick. While spots and stains are often a clue that it’s time for a professional carpet cleaning, in actuality, a clean-looking carpet can hide as much as a pound of dirt per square yard. Keeping up with regular professional cleaning is important to the health and well-being of your entire family. Plus, a professional carpet cleaner has years of experience and knowledge on removing carpet stains.

How to Clean up Small Spills
Spills happen. It’s a fact. First thing to know about cleaning up small spills is to avoid over-wetting your carpet. Berber, Multi-level, or Looped carpets retain more liquid. For these types of carpets, over-wetting can sometimes result in musty odors due to the carpet remaining damp for too long. If you are unable to remove the stain and additional cleaning is still needed, allow carpets to dry before attempting to re-clean heavily soiled areas.

Act fast. Once a spill happens, as quickly as you can, soak up the liquid to keep it from seeping deep into the carpet and pad. It is important to try to use un-dyed paper towels (white ones) or a clean white cotton cloth for the clean-up as some towel dyes can transfer to the carpet, causing more staining. Rinse the area with water repeatedly. Soak it up each time with a clean cloth, paper towels, or using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

If the spot has dried, wet it with a little water and follow the procedure above. If there still is a stain, call a professional cleaner for the best removal solution.

Leave it to the Professionals
Professional steam cleaning is the best way to clean your carpet. The high pressure generated from a professional carpet cleaning truck mounted unit deep cleans your carpet. Additionally, the extreme heat generated kills bacteria, fungus, mold, and dust mites. Keep in mind, a rental carpet cleaner does not have the power to force hot water into the carpet under high pressure and then quickly suck the water and dirt out. Renting the equipment and doing it yourself can potentially cause more damage than good.

Your carpet is an important part of your home. It adds to the comfort and aesthetic value of your home. Using the wrong chemicals or soaking a carpet with too much water can ruin your carpet and decrease the life of it making it necessary to replace the carpet. The best solution is to have a professional carpet cleaner take care of all of your stain and soil removal issues.

About A Mug You Can Trust
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