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Installing Sod in Orlando

Here at the Roedell's Landscaping located in Orlando, Florida we have perfected the installation of sod. All the do's and don'ts have been worked out during the last ten years of installing. We would like to share our tips and experience with you. So here is a helpful guide to assist you if you decide to tackle the work alone.

  1. Sod measurements – When starting your sod project you must know where all your landscape structures and flower beds will be located. Either with a measuring wheel or tape measure you should get the best measurements possible. Keep in mind that you will need to go over a small amount to allow for cuts.
  2. Soil Preparation- In preparing your sod area you must keep in mind what's most important is that the roots will be able to penetrate into the soil. A hard surface could cause a big problem for roots. Make sure all rocks, roots and old grass are extracted from the area of installation. A good three inch layer of topsoil is fine as the sod comes with its own soil amendment. A mix of sandy soil is good as drainage is very important.
  3.  Final grading - Make sure that the area is raked out level to insure sod will also be level. Using a proper grading rake always works best. Depending on the area your grading you may need to roll over the soil. Rolling helps to make sure soil doesn't run or settle with holes that will hinder sod growth. Sod preparation is everything when it comes to sod installation. 
  4.  Laying and cutting - Lay your first row of sod starting against edge of flower bed, house, patio or any landscape border. When laying the next row overlap your seams. Don't line up your seams together or you will have lines when sod grows in. You will need a sod cutter to cut along all borders and around sprinkler heads. Keep all pieces on the side as you may need them to fill in as you work.
  5.  Watering - The first two weeks of watering you will water for 45 minutes a zone. This heavy watering is to pushes roots down into soil. The weeks that follow you will want to water 20 to 30 minutes a day depending on heat conditions.
  6.  Maintenance – Everyone wants to know when it's good to do the first cut. Depending on the growth and if the roots started to grab will determine when you cut. Test the area by trying to pull back a piece of sod. If it has rooted you may do your first cut. You should cut at a slow pace with lawn mower for the first month.
Instead of doing it yourself, if you would like to have your sod professionally installed in the Orlando area, Roedell's Landscaping can help!

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