Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hernon Manufacturing Products Approved For Use in New Applications

Recent developments in China have lead to the testing and use of Hernon adhesives in a variety of new and existing products

Sanford, FL., April 25, 2012 - Hernon Manufacturing, the innovator in adhesives, sealants and dispensing equipment, is expanding its market presence as its products are being tested and used worldwide in new and existing applications. 

"Having engineered more than 5000 adhesives, sealants, epoxies, impregnation solutions, and UV curing products, Hernon Manufacturing has been offering strong brands and technologies to a diverse range of industries for nearly four decades," said Neil Murray, Marketing Manager for Hernon Manufacturing.  "Now, our customers are asking for samples to test our products in new applications.  They are also looking for opportunities to replace their current remedies in existing applications with our engineered products." 

Here are a few of the more recent applications using Hernon products:

Wrist GPS Systems - Hernon Tuffbond 318, a modified epoxy that provides a fast room temperature cure, was approved for use in a new wrist GPS system for a major theme park.  Fifty million pieces are expected to be produced. 

Blood Test Devices - Hernon Ultrabond 752, a UV curable adhesive product that provides excellent adhesion to glass and to plastics such as polyester, PVC, cellulose acetate or nylon, was approved for a plastic device that contains a needle for blood tests.  Millions of these blook testing devices are expected to be produced and production is slated to begin in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Hernon offers strong brands and technologies, all made in the United States, for a diverse range of industries including:  Energy/Power Generation, Medical, Electronics, Electrical, Automotive, Appliances, Sporting Goods, Ammunition, Communications, Aerospace, Aviation, High Tech Audio, Defense, Fire Suppression, Transportation, and Marine. 

About Hernon Manufacturing
Hernon Manufacturing has been committed to delivering world class adhesive, sealant, and impregnation solutions along with precision dispensing systems for nearly four decades. A long-time member of Central Florida’s industrial manufacturing community, Hernon Manufacturing is proud to be an ISO-9001 registered company whose products meet or exceed Mil-Specs. Hernon Manufacturing has been recognized as a top company in Orlando and is listed in the Orlando Business Journal’s 2011 Book of Lists.  For more information about Hernon Manufacturing, please visit our website at or call 407-322-4000.

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Edgardo Rodriquez
Director of Sales and Marketing
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