Thursday, April 19, 2012

Winter Lawn Care Tips for Florida Residents

Winter lawn care tips are helpful to keep your lawn healthy through the entire winter season in the Orlando, Florida area.

In Central Florida, growth patterns for grass transition from summer growth to winter growth usually around the end of September and the beginning of October. Grass appears to stop growing during this time. Most home owners in the Orlando area notice the need for less frequent mowing. However, during this transitional time, while the green part of the grass isn't growing, the root system continues to grow.

During the fall, Orlando lawn care companies perform fall fertilization treatments to sustain the grass through the winter. Grass that has been well fertilized prior to cold snaps during winter months will have stored up significant food reserves and have produce health root systems enabling them to survive the changes in temperature.

During the winter months some grasses will turn brown and appear to die back. Some grass will die completely. Unfortunately this is an excellent time for weed to take over. Controlling weeds during the winter months is possible with a fall application of a pre-emergent weed control product. Fall applications of a pre-emergent weed control product will significantly reduce the number of weeds that develop during the fall and winter months. However, if a few weeds do develop in some areas, pulling them by hand is probably the best defense. But, if weeds become a significant problem for you, then a professional lawn and pest control expert can help you deal with the problem.

Central Florida residents should continue to water and mow their lawns during the fall and winter months, however, both of these activities can be cut back. Most lawns should be watered with three quarters of an inch of water every seven to ten days during this period. Be aware, with water restrictions in the Orlando area, most homeowners will only be able to water one day per week. In most instances, this will be sufficient water for your lawn to survive. As for mowing, a rule of thumb for the Orlando area is to mow the lawn every other week during winter months.

Fall and winter is when lawns recuperate. Properly maintaining them during the fall and winter will make them much more resilient to managing summer stresses next year. Remember that, regardless of your location, fall and winter is an excellent time to improve the overall health and heartiness of your lawn.

For more information about residential and commercial fall and winter lawn care tips, including weed control, contact Miller Enviro-Care.

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