Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cleaning Stone and Tile Flooring

Easy Valley commercial and residential buildings often have stone and porcelain tile flooring in entryways and lobbies. Aesthetically pleasing, this type of flooring helps put a building’s best foot forward.

By choosing natural stone or porcelain tile, facility owners have made an excellent investment, as the flooring grants years of natural beauty and functionality. However, problems arise when facility owners fail to take into consideration whether cleaning crews understand the proper care for these types of floors.

With stone floorings natural variations, floors can be easily damaged due to everyday wear of foot traffic, spills, harsh cleaners and weathering elements. Because stone is absorbent and rejects most conventional cleaners, proper chemical selection is important in successfully cleaning stone floors.

It's important to educate cleaners on the value of using a neutral pH chemical that is designed for specific stone types. Most all-purpose cleaners have a pH that ranges from slightly acidic to an alkaline base with a pH of 8 to 10. Using all-purpose cleaners gradually breaks down the stone’s sealer, removes its protective properties and makes the stone’s natural polish susceptible to dulling, discoloration and irreversible changes.

Protecting the wonderful qualities of stone can be easier by simply using the correct chemicals and having the stone treated at the time of installation. Also, as part of a stone maintenance program, facility owners should retreat the stone over time.

Even though natural stone flooring has become a popular choice in facility entryways and lobbies, many facilities across the country are discovering porcelain tile to be a much cheaper alternative. These tiles are less expensive than natural stone and display a realistic appearance that mirrors high-gloss stone, marble and terrazzo floors, but require less maintenance.

Although general maintenance and cleaning of porcelain varies depending on the surface texture and soil load, daily cleaning should be performed with non-oil, non-acidic and non-soap based neutral cleaners diluted to manufacturer recommendations.

Daily cleaning programs are critical to extending the life and appearance of both stone and porcelain tile floors in entryways and lobbies. What’s being tracked in on the shoes of people entering a facility can ultimately damage a floor if not tended to on a daily or hourly basis. It's also helpful to invest in matting for entrances and high traffic areas.

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