Friday, April 27, 2012

Selecting a Grave Marker

Custom grave markers are important to identify a grave. There are excellent choices whether you're looking for a temporary grave marker or a permanent marker. The type selected will help those who visit the grave have a better sense of who the person was in life through imagery, words and the shape of the marker chosen.

From the moment someone is buried, through hundreds of years into the future, loved ones wish to have something of significance identifying the final resting place of their loved one.

Temporary grave markers have been used for decades to help a family locate new burial sites until a permanent marker can be installed. Recently, a funeral consulting company launched a new, patent pending temporary grave marker that converts to a photo frame keepsake once the permanent marker is in place. This unique funeral product offers a completely personalized option that doubles as a memento replacing the old style card on a stick.

Temporary grave markers featuring the photo frame keepsake offers funeral directors and their client families a lasting, dignified alternative to the traditional temporary cemetery marker. Free software contains easy to use templates featuring over 500 themes representing most interests, hobbies, occupations, and religious backgrounds. Funeral professionals can create and personalize these temporary markers in-house with or without photos and any custom message the family wishes to add. On the back of the temporary grave marker, there is also enough room for additional pictures, a prayer, poem, scripture, or famous quote – which can be selected from a vast online library.

Permanent grave markers are available in a number of sizes, from a single stone to a double, or companion marker, and smaller stones for the graves of infants and children. Blue granite is sometimes used as an alternative to the traditional gray stone. Whether grave markers are large and elaborate, or small and simple, their chief function is to mark the final resting place of someone who has passed on while withstanding extremes of weather. They should be sturdy and durable, and remain in place and readable for many years after being installed.

As a rule, engraving the deceased's name, birth date and date of death is included in the purchase price of a grave marker. The manufacturer may specify a certain number of engraved characters to be included in the price, with an extra charge for additional characters. Embellishments such as special cuts or statuary will raise the price, as well.

The manufacture might include installation as part of the package, or the marker and installation might be broken down into separate units. Since granite markers are heavy, shipping costs are another consideration, and buying markers locally might make more sense than choosing a manufacturer who's located a great distance away. Also, keep in mind that funeral directors will order gravestones as part of their service.

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