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Irrigation Systems Orlando

It can be difficult to decide what type of irrigation system is best for you if you live in Central Florida.

There are different types of sprinkler systems to choose from with different features, which can get overwhelming. In an effort to help make the process a little simpler, here is an overview of the three most common Orlando irrigations systems.

Spray Head Sprinklers
This system can be installed so the sprinkler heads are visible at all times or so they only pop up when the system is activated. This can be a purely aesthetic choice, but it is important to consider. Spray head sprinklers spray in shape patterns that range from circles to rectangles, with the various circle patterns being the most common. Some of the spray heads can even be adjusted to spray water from many different angles. This system is considered to have a high application rate, which means the sprinkler heads release a large amount of water in a short amount of time.

Due to their high application rate they are not the best system for slopes or for nonabsorbent soils, such as clay and sand. This system works best for flat areas. Spray head irrigation systems do not cover as much ground as some other systems, so they are best for small areas, such as gardens and small lawns.

Rotor Head Sprinklers
There are two types of rotor head irrigation systems: stream and impact. The stream rotor head sprinkler uses pressurized water to move the gears inside the head, which rotates the sprinkler head around. The impact rotor head sprinkler uses a swinging arm to rotate. When the arm swings it hits the sprinkler head and moves it a little.
The rotor head sprinklers distribute water more evenly than spray head sprinklers do, which makes them ideal for larger areas like big lawns. They also have a lower application rate.

Drip Watering Systems
In Orlando, drip irrigation is a popular choice for gardens. This system is completely different from a conventional watering system; it doesn’t use sprinklers at all. It uses a special tube with specifically placed holes in it that allow water to drip directly onto the soil.

The system is easy to customize because the holes can be placed anywhere along the tube. The tube can use a generic hole pattern for even distribution, or the holes can be placed at specific points to only water the plants and avoid watering the soil in between. This system also conserves water, because it drips water on to the soil instead of spraying it in the air which causes more evaporation.

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