Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Installing Sod in Central Florida

Installing sod, home owners bring beauty to their neighborhood and raise property values. It doesn't take long at all to lay fresh sod, especially with the help of a professional sod installation company. The quick transformation is worth the cost of sod installation. Plus, the grass will take root within a month with regular watering, maintenance and pest control.

Before you install new sod, and in order to keep the new lawn healthy, it's important to know why the previous grass died. There are a number of conditions that can wreak havoc on a lawn. Perhaps the grass was a variety that likes full sun and simply was exposed to too much shade because of the large tree in the yard. Soil pH can be an issue as well, and irrigation problems can cause grass to wither and die, especially here in Central Florida.

Without the knowledge of how to choose the right grass, ensure irrigation systems are working properly, learn if pH levels are within acceptable limits and keep pests at bay, homeowners can easily spend money on a lawn that simply will not survive. By consulting with a professional sod installation company and learning more about the different grass varieties and their unique benefits, a homeowner can make a wise investment in landscaping that will help beautify their property for years to come.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not adequately preparing their soil for new sod. If you're looking to install sod, definitely ask your sod installation company to test your soil conditions and to determine what type of sod is best for your landscape conditions. They can also let you know if your pH levels need to be chemically adjusted.

Once your new sod has been installed, you should avoid walking on the lawn until the sod has rooted well to the soil beneath it. This often takes as long as two to three weeks. You can check by very gently lifting up on the grass. If the sod layer doesn’t raise up, then it is rooting and most likely in good health.

To keep your lawn healthy, in addition to establishing regular pest control, be sure to establish a regular watering schedule as well. But, beware, in the Orlando area there are water restrictions, so be sure to contact your water company or county to learn what days and how often you can water your lawn.

As one of the most sought after additions to any home, a nice lawn allows people to get outside and enjoy their yards, and brag to their neighbors. Learn more about sod installation and pest prevention for your lawn from Miller Enviro-Care.

Miller Enviro-Care has over 30 years of combined experience in Pest Prevention, Termite Protection, Irrigation Systems, Sod Installation and Lawn Care Solutions. Based in Oviedo, Miller Enviro-Care is in business to protect the health, food, property and quality of the environment for customers throughout the Orlando area including, but not limited to Winter Springs, Casselberry, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Lake Mary, Sanford, Apopka and Winter Park. For a free estimate, call (407) 359-8888 or visit http://millerenvirocare.com.

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