Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Kids will be kids. No matter how many times you tell them to sit at the table and eat, they tend to wander off. Before you know it that peanut butter and jelly sandwich is face down on waht was your clean carpet. Now what?

You may have no clue as to how to remove stains from your carpet. Your first instinct may be to grab a towel and start scrubbing. STOP! This will probably just make a bad situation worse. So, how do you get that sticky jelly out of your carpet?
The professionals at A Mug You Can Trust understand you can't call a carpet cleaner to your East Valley home every time a small spill or accident happens. So, to help you keep your carpets looking cleaner between professional cleaning, here are some tips to dealing with that jelly before it become a set in stain.

First, take a clean unsharpened knife, a butter knife will work great, and remove all the jelly you can from the carpeting. Don't get in there and really dig it out, just use slow, gentle strokes.

Next, depending on the type of carpet you have, removing a stain will be different for each carpet type. Using the wrong technique may actually leave a permanent stain on the carpet, and we know you certainly don't want that to happen.

If your carpet is made from natural materials like wool, or sisal, they react negatively to liquid treatments. So, prior to cleaning the area with a liquid solutions, you should do a patch test in an area that is hidden from view.

Once you've determined that it's ok to use a carpet cleaning solution without causing more damage, apply a bit to the stain and wait a few minutes. Using cold water, you should then rinse the carpet cleaning solution from the carpet.

Add a quarter of a teaspoon of carpet shampoo to one liter of cold water and mix. Remember, hot water will set the stain, so be sure to use cold water. Now, do another test patch to make sure that it's safe to continue the cleansing process.

Once that's done, soak a clean cloth in the shampoo solution and then place it over the stain. After a few minutes take up the cloth and press a clean towel onto the damp area of the carpet. This will soak up the moisture and also remove the stain. You may have to use several towels and repeat this process several times.

Once you're removed the stain, you need to rinse the shampoo and other residue out of the carpet. Using a spray bottle filled with warm water, spray the area. Again, take a clean cloth and blot to remove the moisture. Remember not to rub or scrub the area.

Now all that's left is to let the carpet dry. Pile several towels over the wet area and place something heavy on top, like a big book. Keep in mind the towels may get wet, so be sure to protect whatever you put on top with a plastic bag. After a few hours, remove the towels and let air dry overnight. You should awake to a dry, clean carpet.

For more carpet cleaning tips or to have your carpets professionally cleaned in the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Tempe, Scottsdale, Ahwatukee, and Phoenix, Arizona areas, contact A Mug You Can Trust.

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